Coastal Path

Coastal Path

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Day 19; Ceibwr to St Dogmaels - 7.1 miles

Made it!
Well, finally Liz has walked the last stage of the 186 mile path.
Liz is having a well deserved rest and will update the blog on her return home.

That posting was kindly made by my husband as Pat & I returned to Glenshane on St Annes Head on the Thursday and so had no access to a computer that evening. Hence I am currently writing up the last days walk. Marc Mordey , who we were staying with in Newport, kindly offered to walk with me the last day, as it was a stretch of the coast that he has not yet walked. The day was hazy but warm and Marc and I started our walk about 9.30am. Marc is a very talented photographer and with the incredible folds in the cliffs there was plenty of material for him. As we only had 7miles to do we were in no hurry. In fact I was almost sorry that I was finishing the walk as it had been a focus for such a long time now. The sun tried to break out but with little success. The first few miles were steep in places but whether I was becoming used to the cliff edges the heights were not bothering me as much as they had earlier in the walk. Just as we were finishing most of the cliff edge section of this walk Marc and I stopped for a lady coming the other way. We were both surprised when the lady in question took off her sunglasses when she saw us and said"hello Liz" in tones that I recognised as belonging to Marge Hayes. Marge has been a very great friend to my late parents and helped nurse me when I first came home from hospital 18months ago. The emotions welled up as it was Marge who had been there near the beginning of my illness and was now there to join me as I hoped to put my illness behind me. Introductions followed as she didn't know Marc and then the 3 of us walked the remainder of the path to Poppit sands. The plaque which marks the end of the walk is at Poppit Sands but the real finish is at St Dogmaels. We met up with Pat, Helen (Marcs' wife) and Rosemary and Mary at Poppit Sands for one lot of photos around the plaque and then the 3 walkers in the party carried onto St Dogmaels and the Ferry Inn for the real finish. It was very strange the last couple of miles because it is all road walking and not much like the other 180+ miles. We all met up again for more photos at the Ferry Inn and then had a light lunch. It was then time to say our goodbyes and for Pat and I to head off to Glenshane to collect the remainder of our kit and have a bit of a wind down. Marge had to travel all the way back to Hereford (2.5hours of driving which she had already done that morning - very much appreciated by Pat & I). Pat & I got to the house about 5.45pm where we washed before going to the pub for our supper. The first time in 3 weeks we had fish and chips as the whole time we were walking it didn't appeal to us at all despite our location on the coast! It seemed very surreal to be sitting in a pub and not to be thinking of the next days march or having to get on and make our sandwiches for our packed lunch!

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