Coastal Path

Coastal Path

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Another Busy Day

Today started at the early hour of 6.30am when I had to get up as people were coming from local radio to interview Pat and I about our walk. We hope that this will encourage a wider number of people to sponsor us. We already have over £1,000 in sponsorship which we are thrilled with but every little helps and will mean that the new unit would be one step closer. I so want this to happen in Hereford, especially for all the Mums and Dads who have to travel and don't get home until well after their children. It is upsetting enough for their children to see them ill but for them to come home to an empty house is even more distressing than if they could come home to Mum/Dad resting on the settee or sleeping up in bed. For them to see you get home and then be sick all over the drive/flowerbeds before they can even say hello shouldn't have to happen. I am sorry I have got onto this as I try and stay upbeat and forget about the bad days and just enjoy each day as it comes.
The girl Katie from local radio was lovely and very relaxed. The children weren't silly and so the recording seemed to go well. The rest of the morning was spent dashing around trying to sort out all those last minute bits and pieces and making all those phone calls I should have made a week ago. I had a number of people call and make a few more donations and a couple phoned me to increase the amount of their donation. I met my lovely friend Marg for lunch, whose family live in Pembs and who are really wonderful people. Marg is looking really well having been ill herself this last year but instead of pounding the paths of Pembrokeshire she has the sense to go and visit her daughter in Thailand for a few weeks. I know she has already looked at the blog so if you are reading this Marg "Have a great time, you and the family deserve this. I think you had a much better idea than me!"
Spent afternoon dashing around a bit more, until my fantastic in-laws arrived. My husbands parents have come regularly all the way from London to come and look after me when I was ill. I couldn't ask for more kind, generous and loving people and without them the struggle would have been so much harder for my husband and the boys. I know that they found it hard to see the impact the treatment was having on me but still they came.
Well after a busy day I still don't seem to have got half the things done that I should have. Worse still I am sat at the computer when I should be finishing sorting out my packing and putting dubbin on my boots! Au revoir.


Ian said...

Dear Liz - WELL DONE. I had testicular cancer in 1985, and needless to say - made a full recovery - I raised money for the Royal Marsden Kids Hospital in London - Keep the faith. Regards from Ian in Cambridge.

Di said...

Don't forget the Weetabix!
Go girls go!!
Love Di

marg said...

Thinking of you this morning as you start off on the first leg of your walk. It was great to see you on Thursday before you set off. Hope it stays dry!! Very envious of you being in Pembs! Say hello to my mum for me!!
Keep the blog going. It will be great to follow what you have been doing.
Lots of love