Coastal Path

Coastal Path

Friday, 30 March 2007

Day 6: Hundelton to Neyland Bridge, 8 miles

Walked this section in the reverse direction !!
Started at Neyland Marina walked across Cleddau Bridge to Pembroke Docks, weather was cold and showery. Some acorn signs were missing and got a bit lost but eventually found our way to Pembroke. Walked past Pembroke castle where we stopped for a cup of tea. Fortunately the weather brightened-up and finished the walk in warm sunshine.


Hazel said...

Hi Liz and Pat
Well you have now completed your first week, well done.
Pat, the Golden girls are all asking after you and are keen to know how the walk is going.
Lovely sunny day in Hereford hope it is the same with you.
Keep up the good walk
Hazel and Blue.

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz, Message from Mike Bushell - he will sp0nsor you for £30 for 150 miles or $50 if you complete the walk - so there's an incentive!! Best wishes
Chris said...

Hi Liz & Pat,

The weather is not so good here today - hope it's better with you. I'll be at Breinton lunch club today where we will be thinking of you! I posted a comment yesterday but on Day 5 - sorry - will get the hang of this sometime! Love, Rob, Margaret et al

marg said...

hi there from sunny Thailand!! Glad to see that you are still on schedule even though weather does not seem to be brilliant for you. It is absolutely scorching here! Idyllic setting. All the very best for the rest of the walk.