Coastal Path

Coastal Path

Sunday, 25 March 2007

First Day, Amroth to Tenby, 25/03/07

First day started at eleven o'clock from Amroth. Andy and Nathan joined us as we started the walk by drinking a toast with sparkling fruit juice! Dan could not join us because he was attend a sea-cadets weekend in Pershore and achieved his basic expedition training award. Weather dry but chilly, easterly wind which fortunately was behind us. Going was quite hard as there were quite a few steep ascents and descents-but good preparation for later stages of the walk. Afternoon was sunny and bright, already lots of early spring flowers out to decorate the walk. Looking forward to a nice hot bath tonight and tomorrow ten mile walk which should be a lot flatter.


Monk said...

Just a quick line to wish you both every best wish and blessing for your walk. Lets hope it remains dry and sunny - but not too hot. The Parish of Belmont Abbey sends their very best greetings for a tremendous walk. Fr Nicholas

marg said...

Glad to hear that all is going well. Gather from my mum that the weather yesterday was superb so hope you were able to enjoy the sunshine. Thought I had managed to post a comment on Sunday but it does not seem to be anywhere!! Will have to practice.