Coastal Path

Coastal Path

Thursday, 29 March 2007

Day 5: Angle to Hundelton, 9 mls

Woke to be greeted by rain and sleet!! Going is quite hard with cold Northly wind. Weather is a mixture of sun, rain and sleet. Hard going, so glad its a shorter day - finished at 3pm but still approx. 4 miles ahead of schedule. Total mileage walked so far is 51 miles - over 1/4 of the way!!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ho Liz & Pat - weather was rough yesterday, but you kept going so well done and already over quarter of the way there! We're all thinking of you and wishing you a safe journey. Best wishes Chris & Jacqui

Jo said...

hi Liz,
Great to hear about your progress - you are doing brilliantly! I was thinking about you today as it was wet and miserable all day in London.Hope it was better for you.have a good rest tonight-hope you're sleeping well!
Lots of love, Jo and Jas x x said...

Hi Pat and Liz, Pleased to hear how well things are going. Have been thinking much about you both especially during some of the terrible weather.Today, Monday, is glorious here - thinking of going for a walk at The Weir this afternoon. Yesterday we had a joint-church Palm Sunday walk along Whitecross Road complete with Gemma, a 27 year old donkey. Gemma behaved impeccably even in church and was not phased by the organ nor all the attention she receieved! You asked for intentions for prayer. Could you please pray for Brian who has a colonoscopy examination tomorrow and John who has recently been diagnosed with an in-operable brain tumour. I'll let you know how they are doing. Keep up the good work! With love and prayers, Rob, Margaret et al.