Coastal Path

Coastal Path

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Days 2 and 3

Weather still is very kind to us. Having to use factor 30 sun-screen. Quite a few steep sections but managing a steady pace and covered the 11.6 miles from Tenby to Fresh Water East in 7 hours. Rewarded ourselves by having dinner at a local pub!
Day 3 another super day. Fortunately no firing at the MOD range at Castle Martin, so we able to follow the coastal route and avoid the roads. Feeling good, magnificent views extended todays walk by 1 mile and finished at Castle Martin.

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marg said...

Great to hear that all is going well and glad that the weather is being kind to you. Thought of you both yesterday when I was out walking the dogs by the side of the railway line. Thought your walk must be far more picturesque!
Just getting few last minute bits and pieces ready for Thailand now.If I can log on to the internet out there, will be able to see how things are going. If I don't manage it, all the very best for the rest of the walk. I will look forward to hearing all about it when I get back. Hope you waved that sponsor form in front of the Reynolds clan!